Architectural New York tour

From Neoclassicism to our days, New York has its own history in Architecture.


The American Neoclassicism has its own characteristics. For example the use of brick and the lack of decoration. 

That building is in the Seaport District, known as a the newest neighborhood of the oldest Manhattan. 


United States understood the architecture according to its own image. Even the architects and builders applied the Gothic and other elements in the facades of the buildings during the time of Revival styles, they never got the same result like in Europe. 

Art Nouveau

Architects traveled to France and Belgium to study the new styles. But they just decided to apply the decorative motifs, and use their new materials. 

That apartment building in Soho is similar to another building in Paris, but it has more levels and it's less elegant.

Art Deco

United States is plenty of Art Deco buildings. In the 20's and 30's they just built in a crazy race for reaching the sky.

This entrance belongs to Rockefeller Center, one of the most elegant skyscrapers in the City. 


Modernism came from Europe after Second World War, and the American Master, Frank Lloyd Wright designed using that style.


Le Corbusier was chosen to create the United Nations headquarters in New York. He chose the Minimal for that purpose, but always applying his own style.


New century, new design. United States reinvents its appearance to tell the world it is unique.