50 shades style

50 shades of Grey it becomes a phenomenon, even in the world of interior design and decoration. And now we can make a virtual tour through the famous Christian Grey's penthouse in Seattle.

I entered in the website and found very interesting the masculine style that they gave: dark marble, impersonal walls with a touch of grey, and heavy and low furniture.

Some people can think is minimal, but it is not. 
It looks like minimal because is huge, with big windows that offer splendid views of Seattle, and the palette is pretty discrete. But it is a combination of Surrealism with Mid-Century furniture and some organic elements.

In the foyer, they put the console of Frank Sinatra's New York penthouse.

The sitting area in the Great Room is too far from being minimal. 

It looks a living area where probably Greta Garbo takes a coffee. 

I love that view of the staircase and how the lines play. It is so sensual.

The kitchen is the only room that I consider minimal. Only uses dark wood and stainless steel finishes for countertop and the appliances.