It’s hard to tell what makes a Phil Noto pieces absolutely captivating. If it’s not the excellent use of low saturation colour palettes that deal with an experiment of cover. The gorgeous use of textures and rendering in his pieces. The really sharp and crisp line art compliments the very painterly feel to his illustrations, making each piece of art extremely unique and masterfully done.

Primarily an illustrator for Marvel Comics – his works include titles such as Black Widow and X-23. He’s also done pieces for DC, illustrating titles such as Jonah Hex and Batgirl.

Phil Noto’s background hadn’t always been in comics and beautiful portraits however. Originally a student at Ringling School of Design in Florida for about 3 years, he actually managed to live the dream most of illustrators have. He had gotten an internship at Disney and worked with them as a Clean Up artist for 10 years. He was a member of the teams that gave us such beloved films such as the Lion King, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Lilo and Stitch. He was then discovered by the amazing Ink Artist – Tim Townsend on e-Bay when Noto had sold a painting of Batman to him.