Hopper inspires photography

Edward Hopper, one of the American master painter, is always in vogue. I discovered some interesting artworks that I didn't know. Between them I saw the photography of Richard Tuschman. He created "Hopper meditations", a serie of photos where you can see the scenarios of the postwar interiors: they are dolls houses with real models. Amazing.

Karl Lagerfeld also fell in love with the drama and elegance of Hopper's painting, adding the exuberance of his designs and models for Fendi fall 2011.

We know it's not the same because the isolation it isn't natural, it is deliberated. But the list of photographer doesn't finish here. We have Camilla Akrans took photos of Claudia Schiffer like in Morning Beauty and Bharat Sikka, inspired in the solitary cafes of Hopper's artworks.

Javier Vallhonrat for Flair 2005, featuring Mariacarla Boscono, took some paintings of Hopper to create an artistic atmosphere for a new collection of Fendi. He added more light than Hopper but the result is the same because the colour scheme remained. We have a mysterious girl, alone in the anonymous bedroom without destiny.

Erwin Olaf recreates the tension moments of the Hopper's art in "Hope, grief, rain". We can see the silence and the drama that characterized the painting of Hopper.

Finally- that's my favourite photographer- we have Annie Leibovitz and her photos of the main characters of Mad Men: Don and Betty Draper.