Pre-Raphaelism in Valentino

I recognize that Fashion is not my strong point, but the world of High Couture is one of my passion. Especially if there are artistic reminiscences.
I like to talk about Fashion when I visit some special exhibition, or when Fashion turn into Art, and it is not just a few trendy pieces. That's why I don't usually write fashion post. But today is different. Looking for Pre-Raphaelist artists, I've just though that maybe any Maison take as inspiration the Pre-Raphaelism. The main name that appeared it was Valentino.
The Roman Couture House is very special since its beginning. During Fall/Winter 2014 wasn't an exception. Romantic and graceful we can see the Roman figures of Alma-Tadema, the floral patterns of Morris and the airy dresses of Rossetti's paintings among other features.