Pure Minimal: Mies & Co

You can search on Google, Pinterest or Instagram, and see hundreds of photos of these addictive minimalists.
They talk about Minimalism as a new philosophy theory born from Zen. We talk about focus and clarity. About see what is important in life.
That's nice. But for a lover of Minimal, the best depiction of Minimal is architecture.

There are new architects and designers that create great minimal works, but the first generation is the original.

They started in Germany after the First World War with the name of Bauhaus. They left Europe when Hitler took the control of the nation, and came to America to become Minimal.

Pure, soft, clean lines. A few important materials, plain colors. No textures, no extravagant accessories.

Mies van der Rohe, best known as the Minimal Architect, changed the concept of design, and lifestyle. With the famous quote "Less is more" he teaches his vision about the future of our daily space.

Walter Gropious. His career wasn't less important. He used clean lines, square shape. He was close to the idea of Abstraction.

The chairs of Marcel Breuer are famous, but he also was architect.
Even he continued the line of Minimalism, is perhaps more surrealist with the unexpected lines crossing and creating bold angles.